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Ladies from Kiev Brothels give advices on positions for masturbation

The best sex positions are those that make you feel comfortable and don’t prevent you from enjoy. You should think of the way you hold yourself during the masturbation. It is very important to move during it so that you could totally relax and finish.

We mostly masturbate not to express our love but to have functional benefit. That is why we don’t usually create new sexual positions in Brothels when we are masturbating. And there ate really thousands of variations that you can use while making love to yourself.

I would like to give you some positions for masturbation. If you got used to tense up, next time try to lie on the back and stretch arms and legs as far as it is possible. Then during it try to take as much space on the bad as you can.

Try to lie on the back and keep feet on the floor and knees bent. Pay attention to your hips movements and to the feelings after those movements. Also you can get knees closer to the chest.

Try to masturbate on your knees. Don’t forget to use the pillow to make it more comfortable. Remain on knees and lean back resting on your calves. It is very unusual position but it may show you the totally different way to reach the orgasm and to get satisfied.

To try the next position you have to be quite flexible. Also you can try some variants of it that will be fine for you. Lie on the back and take legs up so that they could be pointing to your head. You can keep your legs together or separately, you may try to bend knees or keep them straight. This position will allow you to have access to genitals, your legs and sides of the body. This pose is the most appropriate for Kiev escort women who love to touch themselves everywhere.

Would you like to play with gravity? Then put part of body on flat surface like a floor and another part put on the different level. For example you may lie on your back on the bed while you legs may be on the wall.

Next position: Lie on the back on the floor or bed at the wall. Put your bum right by the wall and raise your legs straight up the wall. You pose has to remind “bicycle” exercise. The advantage of this position is that you can explore you hip movements and to check your pleasure when you are moving legs.

One more position that is popular at Kiev Brothels. Try to curl up on your side, on your hands and knees, or on the back. Your genitals will be exposed. That is why it’s easy to use a sex toy. After the finish you should stretch out and to check how your body feels.


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