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Secrets of happy couples

  Relationship is an eternal topic, but if you’re bounded to someone right now, then you definitely are in one of two conditions. We wrote about them below to send you a caution – you’re about to get into a routine soon!

  1. Sexing all the time
In first three months of your relationship you have your non-stop sex. You look at your partner all the time and you touch your partner all the time, and these touches lead both of you to bed. You make sex everywhere, you want your boyfriend or girlfriend all of the time. You don’t have time for eating or sleeping at all. Working is out of list like the cultural entertainment issues. The main place of your living is bed or any surface where you can have sex. That’s definitely a good time. You will think of it with a warm smile later – that’s the time when you learn the body of your partner, try to understand how to seduce him or her, and, at last, get your satisfaction. But there is a dark side in each good thing, and what’s bad about this period is the risk that you may never really know each other. First months of relationship should be spent by learning a soul, not only a body. And this is important – relationship will never work out without this. Try to talk – even if not for all the time, just try to do this and to spend time trying to find out more about who are you living with.

  2. Happy couple
If you’re experienced and happy couple, we can congratulate you. That’s a type of couple everyone wants to become eventually. Not so long ago you were really afraid of fully devoting yourself to one person, but now without even noticing it you already join a club “for married only”. And you don’t even need the official marriage to join it. You have to be a real couple, with all that secret words, common songs and jokes and things only two of you can understand and share. And the quantity is transformed to quality. You rarely have sex, but when you do have it you try things that you never tried before. All because of your trust for partner. You’re not reaching for records anymore – you can just love and be loved and you can have your orgasm whenever you want, without even trying too hard. And kissing and talking can give you even more pleasure than sex itself.

Happy couple

  But… beware. It’s only a question of one step from good towards bad. You can have your sexual life ruined by constant routine. Without improvisations or experiments you will fall to boredom and this will end your marriage.

  Boredom, lack of words or shyness, disability to find an understanding – these things are leading to cheating and ruin your couple.

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