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Accidental sex has more good sides

  People enjoy different things. In eating, swimming, watching movies and reading books we all have different tastes. And s-e-x is not the exception. Someone loves fast and passionate, someone enjoys slow and romantic loving. It depends a lot on what kind of person you are and what temper do you have. And it has a big imprint on how will your one-night-stand end – will it be a start for something serious, or will it end with totally nothing?

  There are two types of scenario:

  1. Blame it on the alcohol.

  If both of you drank a lot, it can be really possible that you haven’t even seen each other well. You can feel uncomfortable when you’re behaving in the type far from usual one, but the alcohol changes everything and here you are, taking the clothes off even before you hit the bed. But be careful: you can fall asleep before having sex… Well, to be honest, that’s not the worst that can happen. Still if you’re not asleep you will have sex, but 90% that it will be awkward and quick. The good is that you will remember nothing in the morning. If you liked your partner, you can tell yourself that you were brilliant and you really wanted this sex. If you don’t like the partner, things will be a little more difficult, but a grown-up can deal with it – it’s not the end of the world.

sexual act

  2. Let’s do it fast!

  Even if you don’t know this person well (maybe for a few hours only), you can feel the sexual tension growing between both of you. You feel electrified and like this person is a magnet for you. And of course you can’t wait! Clothes are lying on the floor and you’re… maybe you’re not even in bed. You can have sex on the floor, in living room or even out of the flat. This is how quick sex-works – always the same way. Passionate yet strange and sometimes awkward.

  The best thing is you will feel undiscovered emotions with a new lover. You will reopen the world of sensual pleasures with that person. And you have nothing to share except the passion, so all of your problems are left aside. That’s just you and your partner this night.

  But what’s bad about it – the sex itself can be horrible. You can be fully devoted to yourself and not think of your partner (and vice-versa), and this is a reason why your sexual act can fail. And still you don’t know a person, don’t know how to seduce and how to bring pleasure to your partner. That can lead to real disaster. So when everything’s over, that’s pretty much a hollow deep inside of you. And that’s bad.

  Still it’s a life. If you’re not married, each accidental s-e-x has more good sides then bad ones. The main thing is to keep fire of passion in your soul.

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