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I was really happy and satisfied after having escort meeting with Aaron...

  I rarely meet talented people and sometimes I wish I could meet them more often. I am working like escort Kiev girls. My costumers not always share details of their lives with me, which is normal, but sometimes it happens, and it’s the best way to find a communication life and help myself in working with this exact man and making him happy and satisfied. If my client is romantic, I’m going to give him the most romantic sex possible. If my client is aggressive and kind of angry for life or exhausted from bad things which happen to him, I will relax him first and make him feel relieved. It’s my job and I do it well. But meeting talented people makes my job even better.

  So, Aaron was the person who was extremely gifted. I didn’t know it, when I knocked on his door, but I was sure what such client is special. We were acquainted in 10 minutes and started our communication with sex. I felt like Aaron didn’t want to say at all, and when a man doesn’t want to talk, I don’t make or force him to do such, so he feels comfortable to the maximum.

  But I wasn’t ready for Aaron to talk after sex! We spend some hours together, we were hot and very passionate, and in the end of it all we laid in bed exhausted and talked to each other. Aaronn requested me about my work (men ALWAYS ask us of how did we get in this business and they never like the true answers, so we have interesting stories to tell), told me what he works in Ukraine as a translator for a powerful and rich businessman. Actually I thought what he owned the business by himself – he looked very rich, but in the end it didn’t matter at all. And suddenly, Aaronn asked me of my hobbies and… asked me if I want to listen to him playing the piano. There was a piano in the hotel suite, so I didn’t mind. And actually, he was stunning when playing. I was shocked by his talent and could listen for hours. It was very beautiful and professional. So I asked Aaronn about his possible music career, and he told me, what this was no more than a hobby. I was really depressed by this, telling him that he should do what he’s best in. We had a talk about difficulties in working nowadays, and Aaronn told me what it will be hard to make money selling his music in his age. I agreed and left, thinking about talented people and how difficult it is to break through.

  And maybe Aaron won’t become my regular client, but I bathed him in compliments and now I’m sure that he will play piano more often.


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