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I was bringing the pleasure to Paul for 100% in Egypt!

  Gentlemen prefer blondes, and that’s what everyone knows from the time they were objectively small and remember to nowadays. But as for me, platinum blonde working in escort Kiev, it was very surprising to know, what some men prefer brunettes, and it was what my vacation started with.

  One of the costumers we had in our agency wished a new girl for his trip to Egypt, and he asked me to come with him. I don’t hesitate and always agree on the opportunities to travel, especially with my clients, who always make my life much more interesting. But Paul surprised me with his asking to… change my hair color. The thing is, we never report “no” to our clients (in the right borders, of course) and I didn’t wish to tell no to Paul, who asked me to come and have a rest with him. So that’s why I bought a periwig for the first time – a big and beautiful periwig I had to wear during our stay in the Egyptian luxurious hotel. And it objectively was luxurious – from the lobby to our suite we were shocked by the beauty of architecture and design.

  Paul loved brunettes, and he told me why – his ex-wife was brunette, and he prefered this type in women. So when I found out, I didn’t really want to take off the wig – bringing the pleasure to my client was far more important, then some uncomfortability. By the way, the things Paull offered me in Egypt were very pleasant and they made me forget about the wig I’m wearing and the first uncomfortable feeling. But on the third day Paull suddenly told me, what he wants to see me in my real hair color, and after that I never wore the wig again.

  Still I don’t know, what happened to him and why he changed his mind, but I wanted to say what any trip abroad with client may seem hard or scary from the first sight. It becomes much easier, when both of you just hit the seats of the plane and then hit the ground in the destination country. Really, when you realize that both of you are going to spend days together, in one suite, you really want to see which kind of person are you bound to. And I liked the way Paul was, I liked what I found out about him, I was pretty happy to know him better. We laughed, we smiled to each other, he told me about life in Canada and how it’s hard to start your own business, and many other things the girl should be happy to know from a mature man. The least I could give him was sex and my black hair. But even here he did me a favor. I liked this vacation and really want Paul to be happy in his future life.


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