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Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, believe in it!

  You have been in Kiev, Kharkiv, Donetsk, but still didn’t detect the soul of Ukraine escort? Come to the western part of country – to Lvyv, to be exact. It’s the town, where the legends come true, the most unreconstructured city of Ukraine, and, according to tourists’ opinions, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Of course you don’t want to miss it.

  Lviw is the only site in Ucraine where you might detect numerous patriots in the street. In fact, Lviw natives are the people who really love Ukraina and are able to make you fall in love with Lviv too. Lviw looks a lot like Prague, but the life and entertainment there is much cheaper, so you’ll save the money for sure. By the way, there are TONS of hotels and hostels in Lwiv, so you’ll surely detect some place to live. Be sure that you booked the hotel in a month or so before your vacation – the stream of visitors is huge, so looking for the hotel in a week before you’re coming looks like a bad idea.

fall in love with Lviv

  Ok, so you came to Lwiv, what should you do? At first, go to the Market Square – it’s the site, where you might feel the spirit of Lwiv and touch the ancient Ukraine. The real working market will help you to detect something to eat or some souvenirs to buy. You can also find some national clothes – natives will gladly talk to you and help you, if you’re dressed in vyshyvanka. Then you can go to the High Castle – it’s not far from the town center, and it’s the castle and must-see place no one wants to miss. Better to take in it with the guide – you’ll find out the story behind the Castle and make your vacation far more interesting.

  Lwiv holds many palaces you need to see, so before entering the town, find out more about the history of the town and find some places you’re interested to visit. It’s one of the cities that can’t be captured in a day, so save at least two or three days for all the wonder of the Lvyv.

  Of course all the museums of Lviw are worth seeing – some of them even more than monuments and palaces. You will get your satisfaction from meeting the traditional Ukrainian arts, so save 5 or 6 hours for the museums excursions. If you’re a fan of Ukrainian poetry, you should definitely come to Shevchenko’s grave. Be sure to check out the architecture of Lvyv. Some artists come there to paint their masterpieces – and you should just see it by yourself and make some photos. Girlfriend in Kiev can show you Lvov also!

  There is priceless entertainment area in Lvyv, so your evenings should be given to the cafes, pubs or clubs. The best time to visit Lviv is September, when multiple festivals are being held, including the famous festival of coffee. But the best way to visit Lviv is to have the experienced guide, who is capable to tell you everything about this ancient city and its history.

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