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Having sex with two beautiful clients - it was my favourite night!

  The client I would like to say you about didn’t have sex with me. Yes, it’s kind of strange, but he offered me a night in his hotel room and said what he’s not taking me to him, but for his friend. I was kind of surprised and agent said me I can say no to him. But suddenly I felt as I don’t wish to decline his invitation and want to visit his hotel room. So I was told about my client’s name was Jeff, and I should come to his room next evening. I was told to choose any outfit I prefer, so I dressed up like I always do when I want to seduce someone – pumps, little dress and no jewelry.

  Jeff was waiting to me in his suite, it was two rooms suite with a big balcony where we had a glass of whiskey together and shared a cigarette. It was very unusual to meet someone who shares a cigarette with girl and keeps silence about the fact of her smoking. Usually men really don’t like when girls smoke. So, when we talked for a while and found out about each other it was the time to go to a bedroom, where Jef’s “friend” was already waiting to me. I tried to ask Jeff who was this strange and mysterious person, but he didn’t want to say me and smiled beautifully telling about soon I will see everything by myself. So I went to a bedroom and met…

  A girl there. She was drinking whiskey and waiting to both of us in the king-sized doss. Jef told me - this is his old friend, not a girlfriend, but still he doesn’t want to have sex with me (though he told me that I’m just his type of girl and it was him who chose me on site), but no. No sex for Jef but to his friend Anya. Strange, but having the name like this, she was American, fully and completely American, with golden tan and blonde hair. Well, we should look good together in bed, I thought. And that was one of the reasons I gladly moved to bed and started making love to Anya. Luckily she was passionate and sexy, and she was really a great lover. Jef paid extra for the lesbi show, but still I wanted him to join us. After having sex with Anya, we shared a drink and a cigarette and I started seducing my client. He was giving in slowly, and when Anya found out about my plan she tried to help me. It’s obvious Jeff couldn’t resist the two of us, so he was in bed all ready for threesome just in an hour. We spend few hours in king-sized bed, three of us, naked, hot and ready to everything.

  I loved that night. It really showed me that unexpectable things are often cooler than we can imagine.


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