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All my clients always wants hot and horny sex with me, but don't Lee

  When I look at my colleagues’ photos in our agency’s gallery, I don’t really know how men are able to look at them and don’t feel the immediate wanting of hot and horny sex. We all look really sexy in our pictures, and I’m not an exception – if you want to sell body, you need to show body to your client because he wants to see what he’s buying. But sometimes our clients look not only to our bodies, but for our souls and time. That’s when it starts to become complicated.

  Not each call girl can provide her soul and her ears and mind about money – we offer sex, yes, and some of them offer only sex to men. But somehow it happens all the time what we meet guys who don’t want sex at all. I met one of them not so long ago. I work in agency at such a little time, and I wasn’t even sure what I’ll be successful at first weeks, but I was, and Lee was one of my first clients. He showed me what men can be very lonely and not each one of them is looking at  prostitute just to have sex and stuff.

  It all started as usual – with our manager offering me a date with a client. She told me that client chose me and wanted me to come this evening. He had a rented flat, one of those what belonged to our agency, so I knew the address and came in time. As he asked – nothing special or extraordinary, simple clothing and natural make-up. I know men who prefer their prostitutes to look this way – they don’t want to remind about they sell sex for money. So I thought Lee was one of them. But he wasn’t. From the very first minute he was not like the others – very modest and quiet. He offered me some coffee and made it by himself.

  When I drank my coffee he told about he doesn’t want sex. I knew situations when client didn’t like a girl and sent her back home, though I wasn’t such girl even at  one time. But to everything there’s a first time, so I was prepared to leaving. But Lee wasn’t asking me to leave. He wanted me to stay, but… with other purpose than sex. He told me about he found out his wife is cheating on him with his co-worker from USA. When Lee came to Ukraine to succeed with one project, he stayed at  long and his young wife found someone who would make her nights better. But Lee wasn’t ready to this, cause they were young and their marriage seemed to be really strong and good one. So when Lee’s friend called him and told - his wife has a lover, Lee got into depression.

  He never thought that his marriage would end this way, and now he had to deal with it and find a way how to carry on. Should he divorce with his wife or make something to renew their relationship? It was too hard to him to decide. That’s why Lee asked for a girl to talk with. Sadly… I had no idea what to say to him, because I was never married at all. But I found words to cheer him up and even kept calm when he began to cry. And I know each prostitute should perform the same. We are the ladies men run to when something happens – just because we’re reachable. That’s a great responsibility… So when a man comes knocking at our door to tell something, we’re listening. And we always will.


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