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During sex with Bob I felt myself on the seventh heaven

  I love autumn and spring, and I hate winter. In first month of winter I can’t even be happy when my regular clients call to offer me a sex night together – because first thing I am thinking about is what I have to go under this goddamn snow and get cold. But anyway, some clients are worth doing nearly everything for them! It is what I can say about Bob. Bob is one of my favorites, the man who can cheer up actually the grumpiest of grumpy cats.

  So when I got the call from agency, I was sad that I will have to work on the snowy night, but everything changed when I heard Bobb’s name. I was just too happy to express my feelings, so I agreed to date with him and asked of wherever he is and where do I have to come to see him. Suddenly I was very surprised to know what he no longer lives in the hotel he liked at so long – he moved to a apartment and I should visit him there. Okay, flat is flat, I took the taxi when I had to do this and came to Bobb’s house. He was happy to see me, as usual, and told me some great news – he moved to Kiev to work here and rented this flat to live for a year or so. So, as he told me, it was going to be the place wherever we date. He wasn’t married, no girlfriends at all, so we had no one to hide from, we were going to just get together in the place where he lives. This was one pleasant fact, cause I love hotels but sometimes they depress me, and Bobb had a nice flat where I felt cozy, comfortable and warm. Perfect place to get together with an old friend who is making love to you in his free time!

  Our meeting was fun and easy as every the appointments we have. We were just like two friends “long time no see” who missed each other, intimacy was just a perfect ending of our appointment. But even during sex Bobb laughed all the time and tried to joke of everything he possibly could. We talked of politics in Ukraine, in USA, everywhere, and then about show business and stuff… And then had intimacy again. I stayed for an extra hour (of course Bob paid for it ) to have the possibility to make love to Bob one more time. And in the end of everything he told me - we are going to meet once a week. It was the fact that warmed my heart, because in winter not all of the girls have enough of job, and even though we sometimes don’t want to work because of snow and cold, it’s nice to know that you still got your regular clients to cheer you up and… sex you up, huh.

  So after seeing Bob and having intimacy with him I had terrific mood and even snow couldn’t spoil a thing of it all.


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