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How i was getting tanned in Croatia with my best costumer Stephen :)

  I always believed that I am the right person in some people’s living. Suddenly, when I came to work in escorts Ukraine, I found out what I can be more important and significant to people in this role. I was improving men’s lives, and they were happy to see me by their side. Sex is the part of communication – so why should we push it away?

  My beliefs got stronger after the vacation with my client Stefen, who asked me to accompany him in his journey to Croatia. I’ve never been to this country, so I gladly accepted the invitation and started getting ready to have a crazy weekend abroad. But things have the tending to mess up sometimes, and this time wasn’t the exception. When we came to Croatia, first night was really gorgeous and I saw how Stephen is proud to have a woman like me by his side. But from the next morning things started to go worse, and I wanted to find out why. I delicately asked Stefen about what went wrong and he didn’t want to tell me. But then, suddenly, I broke the wall between us with the kind words and he started to share the details of his not-so-happy living.

  Stefen had to manage many things in his living, and all he wanted to do was just take some rest, so that’s why he took me and came to Croatia. What I wanted was to become his friend, not only the night girl, so I tried to give him advices – in as soft and delicate manner as I only could. And he listened to me, and made his decisions. For a day Stefen was outside of the vacation, locked up in the hotel suite and trying to repair his living, while I was having some rest on the beaches and in restaurants. Then he asked me to come back to suite, and we were having a night of talks again. Rest of the days… They were flawless. I knew what I helped Stephen with finding out what he had to know about his life, but was so very afraid to face the facts. Next days I was helping him with drinking out the whole mini-bar, riding around the city and getting tanned. And in the bed, of course – we all know, what when the man is happy and calm, all he wants is the woman near for making love to her.

  When our trip came to its end, Stephen told me what he’s not planning to go back in Kiev for a long time, and I was sad first, but then I thought about how his life changed after this vacation and… I was ok with not seeing him again (and believe me, every escort girl cares about the client she’s been on vacation with), because I knew that with my little help Stephen will manage getting his life right.

  That’s why I love working as an escort.


passionate brunette

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